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Premium Blonde d'Aquitaine Beef

Experience the epitome of premium quality with our Blonde d'Aquitaine Beef, fresh from our farm to your table. Our beef is lean, tender, and absolutely delicious, making every bite a delightful journey of flavor. We take immense pride in delivering farm-to-table freshness, ensuring that you savor nothing but the finest, all-natural beef. Raised right here in Eastern Tennessee.

Ground Beef Patties

4x 1/4 Patties

Beef Stew Meat

1x 1lb Bag


1x 1lb Bag

Beef Top Rib Strips

1x Bag of Strips

Salisbury Steak Patties

4x 1/4lb Patties

Rump Roast

1x Roast

Cube Steak

4x Steaks

Flank Steak

1x Steak

Skirt Steak

1x Steak