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History of the Lazy J Farm

Our story began in 2010 when Butch, a farmer with a long family history in the business, decided to rejoin the farming community and practice. Initially, our farm had a traditional focus on raising premium Angus beef, but in 2013, everything changed. We discovered the wonders of the Blonde d'Aquitaine breed and immediately saw the enormous benefits of switching over.


This breed is renowned for its lower fat content, high protein, and high levels of B-group vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, making it a healthier and more delicious choice for consumers. But that's not all. The Blonde d'Aquitaine breed also has superior dressing percentages compared to other breeds, higher yield with minimal waste, high fertility, and good tolerance against insects.

After making the switch to 100% Blonde d'Aquitaine, our farm began to flourish. We found that our cattle were healthier and happier, and the meat they produced was leaner, cleaner, and even more delicious than before.

In 2021, we decided to take things one step further by starting our own butcher shop. This has allowed us to have even greater control over the entire farm-to-table process, ensuring that our customers receive only the highest-quality beef. Our butcher shop is located in Kingsport, TN, and we take great care to ensure that our cattle are processed and cared for ethically and humanely. We don't stop there either, we also raise some hogs and egg-laying chickens under the same principals.

At Lazy J Farms, we're passionate about providing our community with high-quality, natural beef that's produced in the most ethical way possible. We believe that raising our cattle with care and attention, feeding them a natural diet, and keeping them free from hormones and antibiotics produces a superior product that our customers can feel good about eating.

Although the journey has been challenging at times, we're thrilled with the results. We're committed to continuing to provide our community with the best possible beef and the highest levels of customer service. Thank you for supporting our farm, and we can't wait to share our delicious and healthy beef with you!

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