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The Farmer Partner Program

Interested in raising Blondes? Maybe in starting a new venture? What about growing or changing your current operation? Looking to expand your Sales and Distribution?

Then you may be interested in our Farmer Partner Program.

Our Farmer Partner Program is where we strive to provide farmers with the support they need to grow and succeed. Our primary goal is to create a partnership that is mutually beneficial, with the aim of promoting the Blonde d'Aquitaine breed and meeting the growing demand for quality meat.

Through this program, we offer our farmer partners access to valuable resources, including information, skills, and seedstock. We work closely with our partners to ensure they have the knowledge and tools they need to raise and care for their cattle, ensuring the best possible outcome for both the animals and the farmers.

Our Farmer Partner Program isn't just limited to Blonde d'Aquitaines, either. We aim to provide our partners with support and knowledge in other areas where possible, and acting as a collective. We wish to include partners who may raise pork, turkey, chicken, fruits and vegetables, dairy, and other crafts and artisanal products. We believe that by sharing our knowledge and experience in these areas, we can help our farming community grow and succeed in all aspects of their ventures and passions.

As a member of our Farmer Partner Program, you'll also have the opportunity to sell your products through our butcher shop and online store. We are committed to promoting and supporting our partners, and this includes helping them get their products in front of a wider audience.

The program will also be built upon standards that must be met, and with some financial incentives that are less volatile than more traditional markets.

We are currently working on more details and specifics regarding the Farmer Partner Program, and we will be updating our website soon with all the relevant information. We are excited to continue to grow and expand our operations, and we look forward to partnering with you soon.

If you are interested in the Blonde d'Aquitaine breed or more information in the mean time, then please reach out and contact us.

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