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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page. A variety of questions have been listed and answered here. If you see a question you are interested it, click on it and it'll show the answer. You can also click the "Show All" button and it'll reveal everything. Searching: If you are on desktop you can press ctrl+f in most browsers to search the page. If you are on mobile, most browsers have a "find in page" option if you open the menu.
Remember, we have both a General FAQ and a Product FAQ page.
If you have any questions that are unanswered or are not clear, please reach out to us via our contact page.

The below FAQs are seperated into 3 sections: General, Online, and Butcher Shop(In-store).

General FAQs

Where is your business located?

Our Butcher Shop is located in Bloomingdale, a part of Kingsport, TN. Our farm is located in Fall Branch, TN. Our partners are mostly located within the Eastern TN and Southwest VA areas.

What are your business hours?

Our business hours and availability are the same as our posted store hours. This may be subject to change so check our website or our Google store location for current days and hours. Click here.

Do you sell meat from local farms?

We primarily focus on meats from our own farm, however, we do supplement our offerings or expand our catalog from other local partners who meet our criteria.

How are your animals/meats raised?

This will vary with the animal type, but our animals are well cared for. Often, they are out in pastures and get natural feeds and water, along with plenty of love and care.

How do you ensure the quality of your meat products?

All animals are well cared for and fed healthy diets. During harvesting processes, we strive to keep their stress at a minimal, and harvest quickly with care and humane practices. Throughout the process of gathering, harvesting, and preparation, the animals and meats are thoroughly inspected for any possible concerns, and will be rejected and disposed of should there be any concern. In addition to these processes, we pay careful attention to sanitary and cleanliness practices throughout the process from farm to table.

Can I visit the farms where the animals are raised?

At this time, we generally do not have availability for visiting or tours; However, you are welcome to reach out to us and ask any questions.

Are your meats hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and vaccine-free?

Yes. We aim to exceed all standards and maintain truly natural options. Thus, we do not use any hormones, antibiotics, or vaccines on any animals that will be processed for sale.

What cuts of meat do you offer?

We offer almost anything from Beef or Pork, and we are growing our options with Chicken and Turkey products from our trusted partners.

Do you offer custom meat cutting and processing services?

Regarding customer provided meats or animals: At this time we do not offer any special or custom cutting or processing services, we only process our own USDA inspected meats.
Regarding requesting custom or special cuts, yes you may make requests in person, over the phone, or by email.

Can I place orders online?

Yes you can visit our website and click shop now and browse around to find what you are after. You may also use the search bar or icon to search for anything you seek. If you have trouble or issues finding something, then feel free to reach out and contact us for assistance. During account creation or under your account settings, you can select your delivery location and type. This will determine prices, shipping costs, etc.

How can I get my online orders?

When you create your online account, you will have the option to select your delivery preference. Options will depend upon your address. If you are close to the store you may select to ship, pick up in store, or any of our local delivery options. If you are farther away, you will generally only have shipping as an option. You can change your address and delivery options in your account settings.

What payment methods do you accept?

Online: We accept any major credit or debit card such as Amex, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa.
In-store: We accept Cash, EBT/SNAP, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Store Gift Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Do you offer bulk purchase discounts?

Select items have larger quantity options that are already discounted. If you wish to place a very large order then please reach out to us and we will see what we can do for you.

What are the 4PK, 5PK, etc products?

These are exclusive online-only bulk packages. The 4PK is 4 packs of the standard packaged product.
These packs are based off of the base item, unless otherwise specified, and are just multiples of that base package. Here are some examples:
A 4PK T-Bone Steaks is 4 packs of 1 T-Bone Steak; 4 T-Bone Steaks total, 1 per pack.
A 4PK Boneless Chicken Breasts is 4 packs of 2 Boneless Chicken Breasts; 8 Breasts in total, 2 per pack.
A 4PK Boneless Pork Chops is 4 packs of 4 Boneless Pork Chops; 16 Boneless Chops in total, 4 per pack.
A 5PK of Premium Ground Beef is 5 packs of Ground Beef; 5 packs, 1lb packs each.

Each product will have a descripton and estimated average weight so you know what you are getting.
If there are any questions, please contact us.

What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns due to the nature of our products. While generally, all sales are final, we strive for customer satisfaction. If you have any issues, please let us know ASAP so we can attempt to rectify the concern or issue. Click here to read return policy.

Do you offer cooking tips or recipes for your meats?

AYou are welcome to reach out in store or online and ask us any questions and we will strive to offer advice or suggestions where we can, however, we do not offer any recipes or tips on our site at this time.

Can I subscribe to receive updates and promotions?

Yes, you may join our email list at the footer of any page of our website or during checkout online.

How can I contact your customer support for inquiries or assistance?

You may call us during store hours at (423) 398-5595.
You may email our support via the contact form on our contact page.
Or you may email us at any time via support@lazyjbeef.com

Can I request custom seasoning or marinades for my meat purchase?

At this time, we do not offer adding seasoning or marinades to cut products. If you wish for us to add it, let your voice be heard by contacting us.

What is your policy on sustainable packaging and waste reduction?

We strive to use sustainable packaging and processes where possible, and we are always researching and considering better options, but we must also weigh the usability, life, and costs of any options.
We also strive to minimize or eliminate any and all waste where possible. For example, meat that can’t be sold for either human or pet consumption will get recycled for other uses.

Do you offer any special discounts or incentives for loyal customers?

If you are a member of our email list, you may receive member or loyalty exclusive specials on occasion.
Beyond that, We do not currently have any loyalty system in place, but are researching ideas and concepts, and we hope to have one in place at some point in the future.

Online Store FAQs

How do I place an order on your website?

You'll need to be on our main website. https://lazyjbeef.com or https://lazyjbutcher.shop. Once on our site, you'll need to create an account with your correct name, contact, and address information. (Or sign in if you already have an account.)
Once you are signed into your account and have your delivery preferences set-up (Can be found under your account), You can search the store by clicking shop now. Add items you want to cart, please note the product specifics for weight, size, and pricing.
Once everything is in your cart you can click the cart icon or checkout text at the top of the page or throughout the site to begin the checkout process.
During checkout you'll verify your products to order, whether it is a one time or subscripton order, and input and confirm your payment information.
Once you confirm the order it will come to us and we will work on processing it. You will receive some email updates throughout the process, and you will be charged once your order is completed.

How is shipping calculated?

Any shipping or delivery fees are calculated based upon the varying factors. Your delivery address, distance from our store, and total order weight are key factors in the calculation. If you are close by and elect to pickup in store, there are no shipping/delivery fees at this time.

What is the estimated delivery time for online orders?

The estimated delivery time will be displayed during checkout. The estimate will vary depending upon when you place your order and your delivery method. For orders that are shipped, they will be shipped either FedEx or UPS. Transit times should generally be no longer than 2 days once the carrier receives the package. Our processing time will depend upon the time of week and day you place your order. For shipped orders, we have a process that includes freezing products for a couple days before shipment to ensure quality and safety.

What are Subscriptions, what are their benefits?

Subscription orders are a new feature we have, where you subscribe to a reoccuring order on the selected basis during checkout. By ordering through Subscribe and Save, you will get an immediate discount, get a free product, and have the ease of knowing your items will be showing up on a regular interval for the ultimate convenience.
During checkout you'll have the option for Subscribe & Save, or One-Time Purchase. Pick Subscribe & Save and you'll see a box with a few options. Within this box you can choose with free product you wish to include with every order, and the frequency of your reoccuring order.
Note The subtotal will include the price of the free product; However, you will not be charged for the free product.

Can you help me with the Checkout Process?

Anytime you are shipping, you can click the cart icon to view what is in your cart, on the cart menu you can also elect to Subscribe & Save or One-Time Purchase, and begin checkout from that menu.
You can also click checkout anytime near the top right of the screen in the menu area on larger displays such as desktop pc.
From here you'll be provided a screen where you choose Subscribe & Save or One time Purchase. If you choose Subscribe & Save, you'll pick your free item and frequency. When ready, you'll click Next.
The next screen will be where you verify or input all your information.
Contact Information: Here you'll verify the fields if pre-filled, or input your information if blank, such as First & Last Name, Phone Number, and Email address.
Delivery Details: Here you'll verify your delivery method and verify or input your address and zipcode, please ensure accurate information. You'll also choose the scheduled/estimated pickup or delivery day if the option is available.
Payment Details: Here you'll select the payment method and input your payment details.
Review: Here you'll review all your entries and your cart/order. If you have any requests or special instructions, leave them in the box. If everything is accurate you can click place order and it'll be sent to us to begin processing.
If you have any issues or questions, don't hesitate to reach out and contact us!.

Are there any exclusive products or promotions available only online or only in-store?

Yes. Our promotions, specials, and product exclusives will vary from online and in-store. Online and In-Store promotions are completely separate, this is mainly due to the different systems and processes to handle sales for online vs in-store. We generally have a larger variety of products in-store that may not be suitable for shipping or online sales. We apologize, but we can't honor in-store promotions or products online at this time.
However, If you are ordering online, you can take advantage of any bulk item options, and combine those options with the Subscribe & Save option for ultimate convenience and savings.

Are prices different between your online and in-store offerings?

We started as a retail-first operation, and still focus on that to some degree. Pricing & shipping online will vary depending upon the delivery or shipment type you select and your destination from our physical location. Any price differences are specifically to help offset the cost of the online software and tools, special requirements of processing, preparing and shipping or delivering products across the 48 states.
We do not ship beyond 48 states, nor outside of the USA at this time.

Can I return or exchange products purchased online at your physical store, and vice versa?

No, we do not accept returns due to the nature of our key products. However, we wish to Delight our customers, and if there are any issues or concerns, then please contact us or stop by ASAP so we can attempt to address your concerns.
For further details or specifics you may Click Here to review our return policy.

Butcher Shop FAQs

What steps do you take to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of your butcher shop?

We strive to exceed all Federal and State requirements for cleanliness and sanitation practices. We clean all surfaces regularly and prevent any cross-contamination during handling of raw meats. We also follow various protocols and practices for ensuring vacuum sealed products are properly sealed and safe to store and consume.

Can I watch the meat cutting process in-store?

Yes; We don’t have a specific viewing window or area, however, when you are in the store you will generally be able to see staff working on cutting, preparing, or packing various products.

Are your employees trained in food safety and handling?

Yes, Staff that work with or around raw food are trained in proper handling and sanitary practices; They are expected to meet or exceed all requirements and practices.

Can I get recommendations from your staff for the best cuts of meat for specific recipes?

Yes, Feel free to ask! We may not always have the best or exact answer for every recipe, we can make suggestions based upon our experiences.

Do you offer cooking demonstrations or workshops in-store?

No. We do not have the space, facility, or equipment to do anything like that.

Can I request a custom meat order in-store, and how long will it take to prepare?

Yes. Anytime you stop in, you are welcome to make a request. We can cut most items to order within a few minutes. However, depending upon the complexity or uniqueness of the request, some items may not be available same day.
If you place an order online, you can use the checkout notes box to make any special cut requests also.