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Return/Refund Policy.
This Policy is updated and effective as of 3/25/2023

Delighted Customers:

We strive for our customers to be Delighted with their experience and orders from us, and if not, we work to try and remedy any issues to bring about that Delight. Below are our policies related to returns and refunds.

Reminder for Perishable Items & Shipped Orders:

  • Generally speaking, all sales are considered final with no returns accepted or refunds offered. This is due to the nature of most of our products.
    • Perishable products, especially those that have been opened, used, expired, or damaged, cannot be restocked or resold, nor we will risk any potential cross-contamination or health concerns for our customers or staff.
  • We are also not responsible for products that were not quickly brought inside and properly stored, such as but not limited to deliveries that were delivered and left to sit outside for extended periods.
    • While we carefully package our products to prevent damage and thawing during shipment, we suggest that customers bring their orders inside, inspect for any issues, and properly store them as soon as possible after deliver.
  •  However, if there is an issue or concern with your order, then please reach out to us so that we may address any possible issues and try to delight you. Remedies, at our discretion, may be in the form of product replacements or other formats. In cases where issues or unsatisfaction occurs, please refer to the below sections for a better understanding of how we handle Returns, Credits, and/or Refunds.


  • Perishable Food Item Returns:
    • We do not accept returns of any perishable food item either from Online, Phone, nor In-store orders.
    • If there is an issue with your order contact us so we can review the issues and try to correct them. We may request images and details. Once we have everything and make a decision, you may properly dispose of these items.
    • We do not recommend any consumption of expired, damaged, spoiled, contaminated, improperly prepared, or other potentially compromised consumables. You release liability of Lazy J Farms Butcher Shop, and any and all partners, staff, contactors, and any other affiliates when you knowingly consume compromised products.
  • Returns for Non-Perishable items:
    • We may, at our discretion, accept returns for select non-perishable items that were ordered from our online store. 
    • For Non-Perishable Items, Returns must meet the following Criteria:
      • For items that are New, Unopened, and any/all seals remain intact, items may be returned AFTER contacting us.
      • We must be contacted within 14 days of the original order date.
      • If approved, return must be received within 30 days from the original order date.
      • Return shipping is the customer's responsibility, or may be subtracted from the credit or refund amount.
      • Any Credit or Refund applied will take into consideration and subtract a 10% Restocking fee and original shipping cost at our discretion. The balance due will then be credited to your account or refunded.
      • We reserve the right to inspect any and all returns and decline them if they don’t meet our criteria.
    • For Open or Used items:
      • We will not accept any returns on any opened or used items.

Credits and Refunds:

  • For Unprepared/Unshipped Online Orders:
    • If you wish to cancel your order prior to any preparation, processing, or shipping has occurred, you are able to request a cancellation and Credit or Refund by contacting us.
  • For Prepared/Shipped Online Orders:
    • If an issue occurs or we, at our discretion, accept a return; We may issue a credit to your account for the amount owed, so that you can replace any issue products or make another selection.
      • Return Based Credits or Refunds won’t be processed until we receive the return and inspect it to meet our criteria.
      • In the resolution of issues, we may also send out, by default, replacement product, if we deem it best to do so, at our own discretion.
    • If you would prefer a refund instead of credit, please specify you would prefer a refund and we will consider it, at our discretion.
  • For Orders Paid in-Store:
    • If we deem a Refund as required or acceptable in-store, refunds will be issued in the same form as the original payment. IE Card if you paid with card, cash if you paid with cash.
    • If an item is Returned, it may also be subject to the same inspections and 10% restocking fee as Online Returns.

Product Replacement:

If there is a problem with your order, please contact us ASAP so that we can investigate and remedy the issue or concern. While we generally do not offer returns or refunds, especially on perishables, we will consider product replacement or account credits of equivalent value.

Excluded items:

The following items are completely excluded from any and all Returns, Refunds, and Store Credit.

  • Limited Time & Seasonal Items
  • Special or Sale Items
  • Expired Items
  • Gift Cards or other Gift Items
  • Store Credit

In Closing:

If we accept a return, please allow up to 30 days from the time we receive a return to inspect and accept or decline your return. We will contact you with the status of your return and any reimbursement.

We reserve the right to adjust or change these policies at any time with or without notice. We also reserve the right to decline or refuse returns or refunds at our sole discretion.

Contact Information:

Lazy J Farms Butcher Shop
2204 Bloomingdale Road,
Kingsport, TN 37660