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The Lazy J Farm
Natural Healthy Meats.

We strive to delight your tastebuds AND your health.

About The Lazy J Farm

Howdy! Welcome to the Lazy J Farm, where we pride ourselves on providing farm-to-table, all-natural meat that's healthy, delicious, and American produced. Our owner and operator, Butch, comes from a long line of farmers and butchers. After being out of the business for several years, he returned to his roots and established the Lazy J Farm in 2010.

At the Lazy J Farm, we focus on raising healthy and happy animals. Our speciality and key focus is raising the Blonde d'Aquitaine breed of cattle. This breed is known for its lower fat content, rich protein, B-group vitamins, and unsaturated fatty acids, which makes it a healthier choice for consumers. But as farmers, we also appreciate the breed's adaptability to varying climates and environments, calving ease, calm quiet temperaments, high weaning weights, and high carcass yields with minimal waste, among other wonderful benefits. We are also a member of the American Blonde d'Aquitaine Association.

Our cattle are pastured and mostly grass and hay-fed throughout their lives until the finishing period, when we supplement their diets with additional dry hay, wheat, corn, and corn silage. All of our feeds are also raised locally & naturally. We never use hormones or antibiotics on our cattle, ensuring that our meat is as natural as possible. We believe that providing our cattle with a healthy, natural diet produces a leaner, cleaner, and more flavorful beef that our customers can feel good about eating.

We know that producing high-quality beef is a challenging and time-consuming process, but we're passionate about it. Our dedication to raising our cattle in the most ethical and natural way possible results in a product that we're proud to offer to our community. We're committed to providing excellent customer service and answering any questions you may have about our farm and our beef.

Thank you for considering the Lazy J Farms for your next meal. We're excited to share our delicious and healthy beef with you!

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