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Flank Steak

Flank Steak

1x Steak

Looking for a lean, flavorful cut of beef? Look no further than our Flank Steak! This boneless cut boasts an intense beef flavor and is perfect for marinating and grilling or slicing thin and stir-frying. Plus, it's incredibly versatile and can be prepared by grilling, stir-fry, broiling, smoking, or sous vide.

Each package includes a whole flank steak, typically between 1-1.5lbs, and is sourced from our Blonde d'Aquitaine Breed of Cattle raised and harvested in beautiful Eastern Tennessee. Our commitment to all-natural, hormone-free, and additive-free beef means you can feel good about what you're serving to your family and friends.

Our Flank Steak is sealed in vacuum-sealed bags for maximum freshness and convenience. Want a different weight cut? No problem! Just leave a note in the checkout notes and we'll adjust the weight accordingly, though availability may be limited for this particular cut.

Order our Flank Steak today and taste the difference in our farm-to-table beef!