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Prime Standing Rib Roast

Prime Standing Rib Roast

1x Roast

Introducing our Standing Prime Rib Roast, the perfect centerpiece for any special occasion! Made from the finest, all-natural Blonde d'Aquitaine Beef, our roast is raised and harvested in beautiful Eastern Tennessee, ensuring the highest quality and most delicious flavor. Our Standing Prime Rib Roast, bone in, is perfect for entertaining and group events, making it the ideal choice for your next family gathering or dinner party.

Our Standing Prime Rib Roast is carefully sealed in vacuum-sealed bags to preserve its freshness and flavor. It's a healthy and nutritious option, free from any additives or hormones, and is a great source of protein. Oven roasted to perfection, our roast is sure to impress your guests with its mouth-watering flavor and tenderness.

Available in typical weights of 4-6 pounds per roast standard cut is around 3 ribs. Our Standing Prime Rib Roast is purchased as a single roast. Don't hesitate to leave a note in the checkout notes if you want a different weight/size cut, as the weight will be adjusted and you will be charged accordingly after processing. Add our Standing Prime Rib Roast to your cart today and elevate your next meal to a whole new level!