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Customer Favorites

Discover the tried-and-true treasures loved by our loyal customers. These top-selling items are the cream of the crop, offering premium farm-to-table options that are all-natural and simply irresistible. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have made these selections their go-to favorites, and experience the finest in flavor and quality. Come see why these are the top picks that everyone can't get enough of!

Chicago Style Beef Dogs

8x Chicago Style Hot Dogs

Pork Bacon

1x 1lb Bag

Steak Sampler Value Bundle

1x Steak Sampler Value Bundle

5LB Patty Box

1x 5lb Box (20x 1/4lb patties)

Benjamin Bundle PLUS

1x Value Bundle

The Mixer Value Bundle

1x Mixer Value Bundle

Premium Hot Dogs

8x Premium Hot Dogs

Chicken Drumsticks

6x Drumsticks

Boston Butt

1x Roast

Ground Beef Patties

4x 1/4 Patties

Cube Steak

4x Steaks

Beef Brisket

1x Medium Brisket