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Steak Sampler Value Bundle

Steak Sampler Value Bundle

1x Steak Sampler Value Bundle

1x Tasty Steaks (2lbs)
1x Mock Tender Steaks (2lbs)
1x Top Round Steak (1.5lbs)
2x T-Bone Steaks (2lbs)
2x Boneless Sirloin Steaks (3lbs)
3x NY Strip Steaks (2lbs)

Final weights/quantities may vary.

Introducing our Super Sampler Value Bundle, a perfect assortment of premium quality steaks that will take your taste buds on a delicious journey. Experience the best of our Blonde d'Aquitaine Beef with this carefully curated selection of steaks. From classic favorites to unique cuts, this bundle offers a great variety for steak lovers seeking new culinary adventures.

Inside this incredible bundle, you'll find a mouthwatering assortment of steaks. Indulge in 2 pounds of tasty steaks or similar cuts, 2 pounds of flavorful Mock Tender steaks, 1x succulent Top Round Steak, 2x juicy T-bone Steaks, 2x delectable Boneless Sirloin Steaks, and 3x tender New York Strip Steaks. 

Our premium quality meats are sourced directly from our farm and trusted partners, where we prioritize the well-being of our animals and the natural flavors of the beef. We take pride in offering you a bundle that is free from additives and hormones, guaranteeing a nutritious and delicious dining experience. With most items vacuum-sealed for freshness, you can savor the exceptional taste of our steaks with every bite.

Unlock a world of steak indulgence with our Super Sampler Value Bundle. Delight in the rich flavors, superior quality, and outstanding value that this bundle brings. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to try a range of steaks and elevate your culinary adventures. Order now and treat yourself to an unforgettable steak experience.

Final weights/quantities may vary.