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Hot Seasoned Sausage

Hot Seasoned Sausage

1x 1lb Bag

Get ready to spice up your culinary adventures with our Hot Seasoned Sausage! Crafted with the same love and dedication as our Mild version, this one packs just the right amount of heat for those seeking a flavorful kick. Made from locally raised, all-natural pork, it's a farm-to-table delight that ignites the taste buds.

Our in-house family seasoning ensures the perfected balance of spices to create a symphony of flavors that's both inviting and thrilling. Whether you're starting your day with a zesty breakfast or adding some pizzazz to your recipes, our Hot Seasoned Sausage is your ticket to a taste sensation.

Convenience and flavor come together in our 1lb bags, and you can choose the quantity that suits your appetite, from a single bag to a generous 10-bag supply. Elevate your dishes with the inviting aroma and just-right spiciness of our Hot Seasoned Sausage. Join us in savoring the excitement of local goodness and tradition – one flavorful bite at a time. Your taste buds are in for an adventure!

Note: This product is not vacuum sealed.


Ground Pork, Salt, Sage, Spices, Sugar.