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Super Sampler Value Bundle

Super Sampler Value Bundle

1x Super Sampler Value Bundle

4x Premium Ground Beef (4lbs)
2x Ground Beef Patties (2lbs)
1x Meatloaf (1.5lbs)
2x Mild Seasoned Sausage (2lbs)
2x Hot Seasoned Sausage (2lbs)
2x Pork Bacon (2lbs)
1x Premium Hot Dogs (8pk)
1x Chicago Beef Dogs (8pk)

Final weights/quantities may vary.

Discover the extraordinary variety of our Super Sampler Value Bundle, an excellent step up from our base Sampler Value Bundle. Packed with an assortment of premium quality meats, this bundle offers great value and is perfect for meat lovers. With our farm-fresh products and the exquisite flavors of our Blonde d'Aquitaine Beef, you can trust that each bite will be a delightful experience.

Inside this exceptional bundle, you'll find a generous selection of meats, including 4 packs of Premium Ground Beef, 2 packs of juicy Ground Beef Patties, a delicious Old-Fashioned Meatloaf, 2 packs of mouthwatering Pork Bacon, a pack of 8ct Premium Hot Dogs, a pack of 8ct Chicago style Beef Dogs, and 2 packs each of Mild and Hot Seasoned Sausage. Each item is carefully crafted to provide you with a truly satisfying meal.

We take pride in offering meats that are free from additives and hormones, ensuring that you and your loved ones can enjoy a wholesome dining experience. Most items in the bundle are conveniently vacuum-sealed to preserve their freshness and flavor. It's the ultimate combination of convenience, quality, and taste.

Explore the delicious possibilities with our Super Sampler Value Bundle. Elevate your meals and indulge in the premium flavors of our farm & partner raised meats. Order now and embark on a culinary journey that will delight your senses.

Final weights/quantities may vary.