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Small Box o' Bones

Small Box o' Bones

1x Box

Introducing our Small Box o' Bones, the perfect value bundle for all your culinary and pet-related needs. Packed with a variety of beef bones, this bundle is a versatile addition to your kitchen. Whether you're looking to create rich and flavorful stocks, make wholesome pet treats, or explore other creative uses, our Small Box o' Bones has got you covered.

Each box typically contains 10-14 pounds of carefully selected beef bones, sourced from our Blonde d'Aquitaine Breed of Cattle raised in beautiful Eastern Tennessee. These bones are cut into smaller to medium-sized pieces, ensuring convenience and ease of use in your cooking endeavors. With our farm-to-table commitment, you can trust that these bones are of the highest quality.

Our beef bones are healthy, all-natural, and free from additives or hormones. They provide a wholesome source of nutrients, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of farm-fresh goodness.

Unlock the culinary potential of our Small Box o' Bones and give your recipes and furry friends the love they deserve. Place your order today!

Note: Our Box o' Bones are wrapped in freezer bags and in a dedicated but, but they are not vacuum sealed. Order limits are in place due the extra shipping costs since these will generally ship as a separate box from the rest of your order.