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Sirloin Tip Steak

Sirloin Tip Steak

1x Steak

Indulge in the exceptional flavor and versatility of our Sirloin Tip Steak, known by various names such as Breakfast Steak, Knuckle Steak, Round Tip Steak, Tip Steak, or Sandwich Steak. This boneless cut is prized for its lean quality, making it a healthy and delicious choice for your culinary creations.

Whether you prefer grilling, braising, or broiling, the Sirloin Tip Steak delivers a satisfying dining experience. Its versatility shines through in various preparations, including marinating and slow cooking, as well as being a perfect ingredient for kabobs, stews, and more. Let your culinary imagination run wild with this tender and flavorful cut.

Sourced from our esteemed Blonde d'Aquitaine Breed of Cattle, our Sirloin Tip Steak exemplifies the commitment to quality found in farm-to-table practices. Raised and harvested in the picturesque Eastern Tennessee region, our cattle enjoy natural pastures, resulting in an all-natural, healthy, and nutritious product. We take pride in delivering a steak that is free from additives or hormones, allowing you to savor the pure, unadulterated taste.

To ensure maximum freshness, each Sirloin Tip Steak is carefully sealed in vacuum-sealed bags. If you have specific preferences regarding weight or thickness, simply leave a note in the checkout section, and our dedicated team will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Embark on a culinary journey with our Sirloin Tip Steak and experience the robust flavor it offers. Place your order today and elevate your dining experience with this delectable cut.