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Fun Feast Value Bundle

Fun Feast Value Bundle

1x Value Bundle

6x Premium Ground Beef (6lbs)
4x Ground Beef Patties (4lbs)
2x Boneless Sirloin Steaks (3lbs)
1x Pork Bacon (1lb)
1x 16PK Premium Hot Dogs
1x 8PK Chicago Beef Dogs

Final weights/quantities may vary.

Introducing our Fun Feast Value Bundle, a celebration of summer and our beloved local Fun Fest event! But don't wait for the festivities – you can enjoy this mouthwatering selection any time of year.

Inside, you'll discover a delightful array, including 6 packs of premium Ground Beef, 4 packs of juicy Beef Patties, 1 pack of sizzling Bacon, 1 pack of 16 of Premium Hot Dogs, 1 pack of 8 of Chicago Beef Dogs, and 2 of our flavorful Boneless Sirloin Steaks. Each item is meticulously vacuum-sealed, ensuring you get the freshest quality no matter when you decide to indulge.

Our all-natural mission ensures you'll savor the authentic, all-natural excellence and flavors of these premium meats, responsibly sourced for your enjoyment.

Ready to make every meal a celebration? Add the Fun Feast Value Bundle to your cart and embark on a year-round culinary adventure. Don't wait – order now and treat your taste buds to something truly special!

Final weights/quantities may vary.